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Actor’s Diary
LP $20.25


GY 3-1 

Grapefruit is a subscription-based record club now in its third year, founded by musician Simon Joyner and Ba Da Bing Records head Ben Goldberg to release exclusive, limited-edition, vinyl-only albums as part of an annual series, sharing identical cover art but in different colors. Subscribers receive an LP every three months, by artists that are of some renown, or are just getting started. The only connection between each group is that Joyner and Goldberg are both fans. Only 300 copies of each release are pressed—and for a limited time, these LPs are now available outside a direct subscription in extremely low quantities. 
Goldilocked hero and Unread Records cassette veteran David Kenneth Nance recently stepped out of his burned-out basement in Omaha, Nebraska, and steeped himself in the city of angels, provoking collective grief and inciting small riots in the hearts of Omaha’s house show universe. Rocker and singer-songwriter from that catchy, shambolic mess called The Prairies, he also plays lead guitar and shouts in Simon Joyner’s band, the Ghosts. 
Here he is making his vinyl debut, paying debts and taking names. Recorded late at night alone in Joyner’s warehouse studio, Casa de los Fantasmas, over a two-month period leading up to his West Coast pilgrimage, Actor’s Diary confides anguish and expectation and meditations on what was, is, and might be in the artist’s life. 
A certain Omaha sacred monster recently called Nance “the best bad guitarist he’s ever heard.” Channeling Jim Shepard, heroin-era Stones and New Zealand’s notorious Jefferies brothers through broken and poorly repaired gear, Nance rock is indeed the new pasture!

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