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Invocation Lux, Evocation Nox

Night Profound

Invocation Lux, Evocation Nox

Not Just Religious Music
LP $17.75


NJRM 018 

***NIGHT PROFOUND is the sound of ascension in all forms, and the inevitable suffering and anguish that comes with it. A Gestalt veneration of the Nightside essence beyond the forms. Starting out as the obscure solo-project of S.P HACHE (MITOCHONDRION, AUROCH, ex-HAVOC) in 2010, it functioned as an alternative to the extreme metal he had been exclusively known for until then. Finding more solace and expression in dark folk, martial industrial, and other challenging experimental forms of music, it became the evocative voice he desperately needed. Enter long-time comrade R. SCYTHE BEARER (ex-PESTKREUZ, ex-HAVOC) in the torturous year of 2013, and the Night Profound egregore sprang to life out of many personal ashes. The two had originally bonded in their youth over extreme music, graveyard rites, and fringe esotericism. The doors to the future of Night Profound were suddenly and unexpectedly flung wide open—he entity now redefined as a Two Headed Serpent. Merging the history and experience from this collective past, the collaborative nature of the Black Serpent began to manifest. Each song on Invocatio Lux, Evocatio Nox was conceived on one of the four most liminal nights of the year—embodying the crux of Saturn’s return. The sounds and the words capture the essence of those clandestine evenings, in an effort to represent the totality of a lived and suffered Birth-Death-Rebirth cycle. Limited to 300 copies on mixed vinyl (100 each on ash grey, black, and blood & ash).