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LP $16.35


SRUIN 087 

***Formed in 2008 by DOMINIC FINBOW from legendary UK doom abusers MOSS, and NICK and ADAM (of Vancouver’s scum cult RADIOACTIVE VOMIT, GOATSBLOOD, DEATHWINDS and CEREMONIAL BLOODBATH), and influenced by the tormented legacies of forebearers Grief, Noothgrush, Eyehategod, Burning Witch, Corrupted, Goatsblood, Winter, Melvins, Leechmilk, etc., Canadian sludge-doom aberration Nightfucker coagulated in 2008 around the fetid, stagnant gutters above Vancouver’s filth-clotted stormdrains, as a reflection in primitive sludge/doom and as an exercise in the aural evisceration of the most unnameable inhumanity. In it's appalling rejection of sanity and cleanliness, on their self-titled full-length album Nightfucker spew forth a churning miasma of slow moving and gut-wrenching terror conceived with the sole goal of representing in the most repulsive way possible the most degraded forms of human life, and explore themes addiction, abuse, suicide, hallucinations, delusions, mental illness, self-harm, and complete human collapse with revolting lucidity.

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