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Big Shadow Montana
LP $15.00

03/17/2017 655035179612 

HMS 020 

MP3 $8.99

04/26/2011 655035179612 


***After producing a frozen trilogy of intoxicated dronemuzik for the Agency, these Scandinavian gentlemen venture into fictionalized soundtracks for imagined Mondo films and science fiction serials. Slow-motion delirium manifests in occluded smears, nocturnal gasps, and arcane tones from a variety of analogue synthesizers. Flickered impressions flash in conjunction with Breton's Surrealism manifesto in the form of memories from happily drunk escapades in the heart of winter, the sidereal spells cast by innerspace travelers Klaus Schulze and Coil, and the nagging questions of existential portent: "Was that bassline from Goblin, or was it German Oak? Maybe something from Faust IV?" NILSEN, SIGMARSSON and THORSSON elegantly twist and bend fleeting images into a spiraling symphony of bubbling electronics and spectral drones that mutate into lugubrious yet carnivalesque waltzes. When this first appears, it is the echoing undercarriage of a simple melody, bobbing amid rattling chains and cascading cymbal crashes, only to dissolve into sequences of cold-war era tone beacons and empathic swaths of maudlin sound design. At the second occurrence, the melody washes ashore on the Iceland beach, where nude Viking men and women try in vain to get a tan with the sun just barely above the horizon line. It is a pyrrhic jubilation of calliope harmonies set down by organs and synths turning a pale-blue hue in the wake of all that white skin shivering underneath the arctic sky. Includes free download card.


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