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Positively 12 Stiff Dylans
CD $9.25

08/23/2005 721616033526 


MP3 $0.00



NOB DYLAN is better known as the infamous REV NORB of Green Bay, Wisconsin. NORB is ex-frontman of '90s cheese-punk champs BORIS THE SPRINKLER, hardcore pioneers SUBURBAN MUTILATION and DEPO-PROVERA, and ex-MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL and current RAZORCAKE and GO METRIC columnist/eccentric. 
POSITIVELY 12 STIFF DYLANS!, an album comprised entirely of BOB DYLAN covers, is neither a canonization nor a lampoon of Mr. Dylan, it's just four guys getting together and having some fun with some cool songs. Few of the mega-popular DYLAN songs are covered here. Instead, most of htese songs are simple, goofy garage-rockers more along the lines of NORB's two wacky solo albums with lines about needing a dump truck baby to unload one's head and waking up in the morning with frogs inside one's socks, stuff that's nowhere near as inherently far afield from the punk rock aesthetic as is generally assumed! 
NORB is backed on this album by his NOBSOLETES, a.k.a. THE OBSOLETES from Neenah, Wisconsin featuring ex-members of Lookout/Panic Button band YESTERDAY'S KIDS.

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