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Redacted was originally issued in an edition of 100 gold tapes in 2013 and goes for £££ 2nd hand. This new version has been completely remastered by Matt Colton and comes highly recommended if you're into Pye Corner Audio, John Carpenter, Edward Artemiev... 
While there’s a mutual sense of technoid momentum to both albums, Redacted is a far gauzier, freeform and sensual beast; one richly steeped in proto/post-club atmospheres and allowing his imagination to run away with itself. 
Conceptually, Redacted pursues the “classified” themes of his Remote Viewing-inspired Umwelt (2013) LP into even murkier departments, drawing subtly ‘marish parallels between the cold war atmospheres that birthed original post punk, industrial and proto-techno, and the current pallor of socio-political unrest that pervades our present situation. 
Omitting the original tape’s expansive closer for the sake of a single LP cut, this vinyl version plays out like an alternative soundtrack to scenes in the overgrown, radioactive zones of Tarkovsky’s Stalker, using an anachronistic palette of analogue machinery to emphasise a sense of fluid, shimmering motion and out-of-place-and-timelessness that genuinely goes straight to the head with trippy effect.  
Swampy slow techno horror themes vacillate with decayed pastoral panoramas and windows of synthetic optimistic, both lush and disquietingly needling, using dissonance and sweeps of hazy noise to ultimately spell out a foreboding but dreamlike sort of electronic subterfuge and suspense that resonates with the nostalgic Stranger Things score as much as Leyland Kirby’s Intrigue & Stuff series.


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