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LP $21.50


BYM 054 

***NUEVA COSTA presents it’s second full length album Dilema. ANGELO SANTA CRUZ and DANIEL BANDE explore a sound focused on the classic “four on the floor” beat, influenced by House, Disco and Balearic music way of mixing. Studio recording experimentation with a wide range of electronic sounds based on drum machines and synthesizers. Dilema is a repetitive and sequenced pulse, generating atmospheres and melodies that overlap one another, in contrast to an androgynous voice that sings and speaks phrases that do not appear to conclude, transforming these electronic explorations in Pop songs. "Dilema oscillates between ambiguity and commonplace, between obscure music that we can find on the internet and recognizable songs of the radio, a mix between music of the world and Chilean music. The name 'Dilema' refers to a cliché, a soap opera or a self-help book." Edition of 400 copies on black vinyl.