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Golden Beds Ep

07/28/2009 655035030524 

BOO 1005 

MP3 $4.95



Following the spectacular 2007 album, Hello, Avalanche, The Octopus Project presents Golden Beds, five different tunes from five different rooms of the neon mansion the band has built. Some are brand new, some represent fresh takes on ideas from the past, but each explores a different facet of their omnivorous sonic creations - from big-riff rock to tiny electronics to blissful sing-alongs. So roll up those shirt sleeves and get ready to dip your arms deep into a kaleidoscopic candy jar filled with tasty Octopus-flavored treats of both the audio and visual varieties. With over 40 minutes of sights and sounds, this new EP will have you strapping on silver-stitched shoes and jumping on Golden Beds without a care for what Mom says. 
In the video department, the journey through The Octopus Project's bizarre and wonderful world of reverie includes videos by the Zellner Bros., Divya Srinivassan, Phillip Niemeyer and Ryan Junell, Nick Smith, and Toto Miranda. Finally, the live footage of "Truck" from the 2008 Austin City Limits music festival offers a glimpse of the band at their best in the real world, joined on stage by the Austin High School marching band and in the audience by 10,000 waving arms. 
Having taken a brief respite following a 2008 tour that took them from Lollapalooza to the UK's All Tomorrow's Parties festival and innumerable points in between, The Octopus Project hits the road in the US and Canada this summer to support the release of Golden Beds. Following the tour, the band begins work on a fourth studio album, which promises to take them into uncharted territory. 
"Tightly composed bundles of synthesized whoop and circus-calliope cheer... like Stereolab with happy feet." 
--Rolling Stone 
"... eschews mathematical arrangement for impish spirit, creating a sound able to please hipsters and kindergarteners alike." 
"Here's a vote for The Octopus Project as the greatest band ever." 
--Boston Globe


  1. #1 Wet Gold By The Octopus Project


  2. #2 Moon Boil By The Octopus Project


  3. #3 Rorol By The Octopus Project


  4. #4 Wood Trumpet By The Octopus Project


  5. #5 Half A Nice Day By The Octopus Project


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