Howling Wind Of Babalon


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Label # PFL 101UPC 616892058649
Street DateJuly 17th, 2012
Label # UPC 616892058649
Street DateJuly 17th, 2012

Ryan Lipynsky is one of the most accomplished and underrated visionaries in the American extreme music underground. With Thralldom, he helped shape US black metal movement; with Unearthly Trance, he defined a new age of avant-blackened doom by forging one of the scene’s mightiest entities. His more recent venture, The Howling Wind, continues where Thralldom left off, with Lipynsky and collaborator Tim Parasitic (Aldebaran) pushing black metal into even more virulent territories. With their third album, not only do Lipynsky and Parasitic deliver the deadliest Howling Wind release yet, but in this current age where lines have been blurred, they present a fist-in-the-face genuine black metal album that realizes the true essence of the genre. Recorded by Colin Marston in his Thousand Caves studios, embodying unrelenting chaos and spiritual force in its music, lyrics and aesthetic themes, Of Babalon will yet again prove Lipynsky as one of America’s most important underground musicians today.


  1. #1 The Seal Upon The Tomb
  2. #2 Beast Of The Sea
  3. #3 Graal
  4. #4 Scaling The Walls
  5. #5 The Mountain View
  6. #6 Abominations and Filth
  7. #7 Choronzon
  8. #8 Gateways
  9. #9 Horus / Aggressor (Bonus Track)
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