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Fogel, Shawn

One Day In The Desert

The Sleepy West
CDEP $5.75

10/30/2007 837101331784 


One Day in the Desert displays songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Shawn Fogel, bouncing effortlessly between alt-country and power-pop so that even the most well trained ear would never know that Fogel plays every instrument on the EP (with Engineer/Producer Ryan Ball making lap steel and bass guitar cameos on “What’s Mine Is Mine” and “Athens”). This five track EP will leave listeners in anticipation of the full-length release.  "Blending his heavy pop tunes with a hint of southern folk/country, Fogel reaches an interesting and fun balance that works really well for both his vocal and lyrical style. It will be exciting to see the direction Fogel takes in his debut full-length. However, the first two questions must be answered: When will it arrive? and Can I have one?" -- FensePost  "Four stars. On his new EP, Shawn Fogel proves his worth as a multitalented and versatile one-man band. These songs explore the uses of such varied mediums as folk harmonicas, melodic guitars and storytelling lyrics. Through descriptive prose, Fogel creates a warm environment that reflects his deep and effervescent passion for both music and life." - Jessica Adams, NUVO


  1. #1 The Season I Love Best

  2. #2 Leaves, Corners, Stones

  3. #3 What's Mine Is Mine

  4. #4 Dead Petals

  5. #5 Athens

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