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Beat Sessions Vol. 12

Oog Bogo

Beat Sessions Vol. 12

Shout Recordings
MC $13.75


SHOUT 016 

***"Oog Bogo is a Los Angeles based outfit oozing from the deviant mind of songwriter Kevin Boog. Boog, along with a cohort of co-conspirators, dissolve a myriad of influences from rock and punk’s outer fringe into a sodium bicarbonate solution. Heat is applied to the mixture until it congeals into a highly potent and smokable material whose idiosyncratic vocal harmonies and manic, unhinged guitar work push and pull against an unrelentingly in-the-pocket rhythm section. This tape, the 12th edition of Shout Recordings’ nefarious Beat Sessions, closely replicates the band’s live dynamic. Tracked at Golden Beat Studios in Los Angeles by Mike Kriebel and Ty Segall, the release features a collection of songs reimagined and reverse engineered from the perverse home recordings of Boog featured on the band’s previous three releases. Recorded immediately after a tour of America’s West Coast and featuring Shelby Jacobson (gtr), Kriebel (gtr), and Marley Jones (dr), the arrangements are refined in a way that only the road can and these 11 songs erupt from the speaker. The performances here are focused, sharp, and completely disturbing."

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