Teleseen Passages


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Label # SILK 047UPC
Street DateMarch 12th, 2013
Label # UPC 655035024745
Street DateFebruary 25th, 2013

Teleseen’s Producer/Drifter Gabriel Cyr bounces back n’ forth between Rio and NYC, sometimes droppin’ down in Africa and the Caribbean, absorbing Mid-East beat feasts, electro-ragas, Ethiope tropes, and Carnivale Dance Hall into his Blessed-Meets-West multi-culti mash-ups. Teleseen drags the dancefloor to the desert floor, creating these saxxy, sandy, sensual stops around the Midi-map of Ethnography House. A standout in the SILK catalog, as it 69s 808s for swirling global exotic exploration, we call it Bumper Dub for NatGeo trips, sambas for Saharan sunsets, enigmas for your long-ass train trances.


  1. #1 Sombras
  2. #2 The Cataract of Sand
  3. #3 Arenas
  4. #4 Dolorosa
  5. #5 Frozen Ember
  6. #6 Obsidian Swords
  7. #7 Emblems Of
  8. #8 Smoke / Pathways
  9. #9 The Empty Quarter
  10. #10 The Jewel of Ash
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