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Hum Of The Non-Engine

People Skills

Hum Of The Non-Engine

Digital Regress
LP $24.00


DR 54 

"People Skills could probably kill an hour or two watching you scrape the goo off your mukluks after escorting repeated tromps through the brack-befouled trench between music and non-music. You put on a show for him, he’ll put on a show for you. Everyone shows a little leg, we all go home winners.

"On his first new LP since the 2014 (Siltbreeze) and 2017 (Blackest Ever Black) touchstones, he blends 'song-related' material with off-kilter signal garble to emit fidelity impaired pop-surrender by the wheeze-load. Haunted visions in the spirit of Kye, M-Squared, and Petri Supply stud the lonesome strum with equipment malfunctions and other miscellaneous environmental gack. Hum Of The Non-Engine sheds some more light on bona fide PS singles that trickled out on compilations over the last two years and maps a beautiful merging of derisive collage and the world-weary song-smithery of our friends at the top and bottom ends of the globe."

-Seymour Glass (Glands of External Secretion, Bananafish)

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