Carlton Melton Photos Of Photos


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Label # AGIT 018UPC 5060174953811
Street DateOctober 2nd, 2012
Label # AGIT 018 CDUPC 5060174953828
Street DateOctober 2nd, 2012
Label # UPC 5060174953828
Street DateSeptember 24th, 2012

On their third album, Carlton Melton elevates their organic, improvised psych-jams to the sonic plane befitting the geodesic dome in which it was recorded, pulverizing all psychedelic hypno-drone that has come before.  Mastered by John McBain (Monster Magnet, Wellwater Conspiracy), Photos of Photos is a testament to Carlton Melton’s finely honed craft—from the lush, pastoral sonics of “Nor’ Easter” and the album’s title track to the smoldering, gargantuan riffs of “Space Treader” and the synth drones and spare rhythms of LP closer “Wingspan.” The four-piece melds what might otherwise be an indecipherable psychedelic mess into something coherent, uncompromising and loud: Melton’s Magick Karpet Ride. Two bonus tracks (available on the standard CD and download versions, as well as a limited two-disc vinyl edition) feature McBain on guitar / synth / echoplex. The full 23-minute psychedelically enhanced drone of “Adrift” peaks and dips as the title suggests, while “Smoke Drip” sounds exactly how one imagines a song called “Smoke Drip” would. And that is exactly what Photos of Photos is about: the sound, the vibe; a new age drifting, unchartered, across a sonic expanse.  “… intense, sweet, headnodding psych….” —Uncut  “… a dizzying, disembodied dose of fucked-up space psych drug-DOME bliss!!” —Aquarius Records “… horizon sweeping afterglow….” —Mojo “... a sublime example of psychedelia at its most expansive and exquisite.” —Kerrang “No bullshit, just plenty of brilliant, hypnotic riffing.” —Terrorizer “Carlton Melton are one of the best psychedelic rock groups in the world….” —Was Ist Das


  1. #1 Nor' easter
  2. #2 Photos Of Photos
  3. #3 Space Treader
  4. #4 Wingspan
  5. #5 Adrift (Full)
  6. #6 Smoke Drip
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