Shams Piano Cloud


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Label # SILK 041UPC
Street DateMay 28th, 2013
Label # UPC 655035024110
Street DateFebruary 19th, 2013

The occasionally polarizing performer and producer does much more than just antagonize Brooklyn crowds with his party pranks; he also creates careful and caressing chill-out tracks for escapist addicts, comfort creeps, and hedonistic pleasure-seekers heaven bent to sway around the trance/dance floor.  

Better than a classic Café Del Mar compilation, “Piano Cloud” offers the sweet samplings of Balearic ambience mixed with the cheeky love-hangover of a disco-dance-Diana instrumental.  Troublemaker and Bubblebreaker, there’s an effortless effervescence to Shams and his airy, sweet and sprightly continental brunch-house.  Last track “Wasted” stands out as the singular single with it’s incomparable Cardigans-style vocals, channeling the Saints Etienne and Germain, and providing the final lightest touch to an EP full of light touches. 


  1. #1 Piano Cloud
  2. #2 She Wanted To Watch
  3. #3 Only If There Is Nothing
  4. #4 Stare Into
  5. #5 Cloth
  6. #6 Wasted
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