Circus Devils Pinball Mars


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Label # LUNA 72 / fcs29CDUPC 802685007226
Street DateApril 6th, 2004
Label # UPC 802685007226
Street DateApril 6th, 2004

The highly prolific, and uber psycho-delic trio known as Circus Devils are prepared to bring you their new mindfuck opus, Pinball Mars. Performed as a two part rock opera, Pinball Mars offers up the cleanest production to date on a Circus Devils release. As was the case with the first two Circus Devils releases, Pinball Mars takes you on a strange journey filled with bizarre characters and equally challenging music. This is not a band to be taken lightly. The Circus Devils open chambers of your mind you didn't know existed, but were afraid they might. Intricate instrumentals provided by the Brothers Tobias (Todd & Tim) intertwined with the mesmerizing vocals and melodies of Robert Pollard. For those who still haven't ventured outside of their pre- new millenium bomb shelters, The Fading Cading Captain Series is the label project of Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices. This label see various releases by various incarnations of various identities fronted by Mr. Pollard. The Circus Devils, as featured here, include Robert twisting his otherworldy lyrics in and around these sharp melodies as played by the brothers Tobias (Tim & Todd). 


  1. #1 Are You Out With Me?
  2. #2 Gargoyle City
  3. #3 Pinball Mars
  4. #4 Sick Color
  5. #5 Don't Be Late
  6. #6 Inkster And King
  7. #7 A Puritan For Storage
  8. #8 Alien
  9. #9 Plasma
  10. #10 Dragging The Machine
  11. #11 Bow Before Your Champion
  12. #12 Glass Boots
  13. #13 (no) Hell For Humor
  14. #14 Raw Reaction: Nutrition Is Vital / Strange Journey (see You Inside) / Inside / Come Out Swinging
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