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Dragged Through The Garden


Dragged Through The Garden

Ever / Never
12" $24.95


E/N 049 

***Four years into PREENING's existence and the Bay Area trio hasn’t shown any signs of stagnation–they remain committed to the urge to move forward, to push themselves and their audience. Thus, the restless and relentless motion of Preening’s new 12” EP on Ever/Never Records, who also released 2018’s excellent Greasetrap Frisbee 7”. Preening sounds more than ever like no one but themselves–MAX and ALEJANDRA's duel (sic) vocals and sax/bass interplay is masterfully augmented and driven by SAM's all-hands-ondeck drumming. “Twinning” exemplifies all of these aspects, achieving a head-spinning velocity occasionally interrupted by sections that mimic drips and chimes amidst the cacophony. This is dance music for sleep-deprived geniuses and those who love them. “Rapt Fashions” demands to know “Whose 
body is this anyway?” And then, to drive the theme of dislocation home, the EP ends with a wigged-out “Extortion” dub mix by ANDY HUMAN (of The World / Naked Roommate / Reptoids) & BRETT EASTMAN (Reptoids). Dragged Through The Garden proves that Preening and Ever / Never continue to deliver the goods, and then some.