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One Nightmare Unto Another

Profane Order

One Nightmare Unto Another

Nuclear War Now
CD $12.75



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MC $11.00



***Thundering forth with frenzied intensity, Montreal’s PROFANE ORDER return with their second full-length, One Nightmare Unto Another. From its first moments, the record summons merciless blackened death metal soaked in the old blood of the '90s trailblazers. The band’s first release with Nuclear War Now!, this latest release features seven tracks of rapid-fire aggression and bestial hostility. Incubating slowly as the plague months passed, One Nightmare Unto Another’ reveals a rearmed and retaliatory variant of the group. Pared down to a maniac core of two members, ILLUSORY (SPECTRAL WOUND) and OLCADÓIR (SKUMSTRIKE) invoke the dark gods of ancient black and death metal. Fans of Blasphemy, Demoncy, Beherit and the wildest excesses of Slayer will find fresh meat to feast on amid the record’s barbaric purity. Packed with demented solos, seething vocals, and a pounding drum assault in the finest tradition of Canadian black/death metal, the album exhibits a violent and pitliless focus. As such, it represents a powerful and distinct follow-up to the band’s acclaimed 2019 debut record, Slave Morality and 2017’s Tightened Noose of Sanctimony EP, emitting pure hatred as the group shifts from one nightmarish era to the next. Befitting the band’s most concentrated and corrosive material yet, One Nightmare Unto Another features artwork by the renowned ALEX SHADRIN of Nether Temple design (artwork for Morbosidad, Esoctrilihum, Tetragrammacide, and more). Acrid and reeking of disdain, this latest full-length from Profane Order offers a pitiless bludgeoning and bloodthirsty portent of further violence to come.

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