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Condemnation EP
7" $10.25



***Woo-wee! PUBLIC ACID, folks—the undisputed pride of North Carolina! Or is it Virginia now? A bit of both perhaps?! Ah hell, is acknowledging geographic location really even relevant when it comes to top shelf hardcore punk? The dead fucks that made those borders and boundaries wouldn't know shit about riffs anyway. In the couple years since their self released 12" came into being, the band has gigged all over the country (back when that was an option) and expanded their catalog further via a flexi and some cassettes, garnering much deserved attention and adoration from those fortunate enough to be enlightened with those scenarios and/or physical formats. But that was the old world and what matters here and now is that the Condemnation EP is 6 urgent blasts of punk music that result in a sonic whirlwind that few others have previously concocted. In a genre that has become dominated by embarrassing posturing, this slab is a much welcomed breath of fresh air in an age of suffocating and uncertainty. Recorded and mastered at Artifact Audio in NYC by SASHA STROUD just before the shit hit the fan, each record comes in a folded sleeve both designed and screen printed by Public Acid and collaborator/comrade THOMAS SARA. 4th pressing limited to 400 copies.

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