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Noise Addiction

Pure Hell

Noise Addiction

Puke N Vomit
LP $24.45


PNV 100 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! PURE HELL's Noise Addiction was recorded in 1978 and remained unreleased until 2006, quickly going out of print. Back in print with updated cover art. A long lost and forgotten slice of first wave American punk. The album is a tour de force of fierce rocking punk n roll with amazing guitar ferocity and slamming rhythms. At times it almost borders on proto-hardcore, it's easy to hear why a band like the Bad Brains would cite them as an influence and why this essential album lives up to the hype and while they may be described as America's first black punk band we feel this is one of America's best first punk albums. Pure Hell started out on the streets of Philadelphia in 1974 known as a PRETTY POISON, a fierce rock n roll band that played louder and faster than anyone in town inspired by the likes of the Stones, Iggy, Bowie, Alice Cooper and Hendrix. After reading about the Rock n Roll goings on in the Big Apple in pages of Rock Scene and Cream magazine. Sometime in 1975 they decided to move to New York City. Once they settled into the infamous Chelsea Hotel, they become friends with the New York Dolls and started playing around at all the hot clubs such as Max’s Kansas City and Mother’s. All the while becoming one of the hottest and best live bands in the burgeoning NYC Punk scene. While on a 1978 UK Tour they released their only 7" which landed in the Top 10 UK Indie charts. During a falling out their manager skipped and took their master tapes with him, leaving the band stranded. After making their way back to the USA they ended up in LA before disbanding with the album remaining unreleased til 2006.

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