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Dizzy Polizzy
LP $19.75

04/22/2014 781484059011 


***CHECK STOCK!!! Received a 7.5 rating from Pitchfork. THE PURLING HISS sound is revered by discerning listeners for its devastational waves of guitar rock crashing atop sweet melodies and pile-driving rhythm tunes alike. The effect of these contrasts in the hands of MIKE POLIZZE touches buzzing pleasure centers for these listeners, more of them with every lick—people who like rock songs and like to sing along and don’t mind a little dirt for their trouble. No matter what the resolution is for Purling Hiss, the devastational waves come on with the same warm, cracked obsession they’ve had from the start. Mike Polizze bought his tape machine in 1999 and immediately ran himself around the bases. Skipping towards home he wound up in the outfield, crafting sounds, songs, and fragments to cassette for the next several years, never to be the same. It was when he moved to Philly around 2004 and joined up with BIRDS OF MAYA that he was crowned DIZZY, and things began to focus. He had access to all the instruments needed, Birds’ BEN LEAPHART drummed on a couple songs, and in 2006 a CDR called Dizzy Polizzy came together. Mike made around 50 copies, just for friends, lovers, and the occasional hate-fucker, with a cover he silk-screened hiss-self (represented on this here LP). A few beers and two years later, Purling Hiss became official and took off with three BERSERK albums released in quick succession (seriously, if you don’t own Hissteria, then wake up, “rocker!”) Capitalizing on the newfound demand or Hisstrionics, Mike made a tour-only cassette of Dizzy Polizzy in 2011, combining those original six CD-R songs with some well-fitting 
additions circa 2007–2009. Discerning ears will link Dizzy Polizzy to Public Service Announcement (recorded in 2007) since they were made more or less back-to-back, and we wouldn’t disagree. Dizzy is kind of the more innocent sister to PSA, sweet songs and mini-ragers, a baby version of the squalor that would soon grow too much hair in all the right places. This album reissues the cassette compilation on LP for the first time ever, to tide Hiss-heads over while Purling Hiss works on their next LP that melds the evolutions of Water On Mars with the devolutions of the now-defined Dizzy Polizzy strain. (STREET DATE - 4/22/2014)