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Feeling It
LP $21.95


SGG 086 

***QUITS, hailing from Denver, CO, whose members have done time in countless highly regarded underground acts over the past few decades, offer a unique take on what might lazily be described as noise-rock or post-hardcore, but are in fact so much more. The guitars and vocals are ferocious without seeming dull or phoned-in, and the rhythm section swings hard while keeping things locked in tight. It is not comforting. Your skin will crawl and your skull will ache. QUITS play like a band that has been through it all and feel like a band that come from somewhere else. A palpable danger held firmly within a sound devoid of the stale corniness that listeners have been choked by for far too long. Desperation and urgency without tough guy posturing. It is loud because it needs to be, not because you want it to be. Brooklyn Vegan has made comparisons to lauded groups like Drive Like Jehu, Metz, and Dischord's cult heroes Circus Lupus. One might also hear echoes of classic rosters from the Gravity, AmRep, Touch and Go, Vermiform, & Skin Graft camps. But this is no nostalgia act; the music QUITS strangle out of their instruments feels very 'now', hyper-aware of what has come before and why it need not be repeated, and seemingly intent on blowing it all to pieces and rebuilding it... leaner, meaner, smarter.