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Escalator Hater 1977 - 1978


Escalator Hater 1977 - 1978

Puke N Vomit
LP $24.45


PNV 212 

***PNV Records presents the first ever domestic US vinyl release of the recordings from legendary early UK punk band RAPED. Raped formed in 1977. They were more infamous than a lot of other bands and were regarded as "unsignable". Despite this, they had a dedicated following, and still managed to get promotional spots on television and at one time a "cheap night out" with the band competition with a magazine. Their manager was eventually able to form a label to release a few singles, but despite good sales, they attracted negative publicity and even the UK punk scene trashed them. The band later morphed into CUDDLY TOYS in 1980 and morphed into an act loosely associated with the New Romantic scene. The PNV collection compiles all their studio recordings 77-78, including both sought after 7” singles the “Pretty Paedophiles” EP from 1977 and the "Cheap Night Out" single from 1978. Also included are the “Philes and Smiles demos sessions” 7"s If catchy snotty glam inspired 77 Punk is your thing, then you need this.

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