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Way I Feel
LP $18.85

09/21/2009 753907330410 

CAL 4 

CD $13.75

09/21/2009 753907330427 


***This is an album about feelings. Those of you who only know Boyd Rice from his rather brutish and insensitive noise music will no doubt be surprised to discover the sensitive, at times passionate individual lurking beneath his often gruff exterior. Here, Rice opens up for us. He shares how he feels about a wide range of topics, and we bet you’ll be surprised just how often his thoughts and feelings mirror your own. 
Throughout his long and storied career Boyd Rice has collaborated with other musicians. From the leading lights of England’s neo-folk underground to America’s most obscure eccentrics, Denver, Colorado’s favorite agent provocateur has repeatedly insinuated himself into the lives of the most interesting, the most notorious, and most memorable artists and performers, every time producing a classic song that defies easy categorization. “The Way I Feel” collects the best of these tracks onto one album. Whether it’s with Coil or David Tibet, Douglas P. or Tiffiny Anders, every song is special, and the atmosphere is unforgettable. 
“The Way I Feel” was first released in the year 2000 and has never gone out of print on CD at Soleilmoon, but with the release of “Hatesville” imminent we decided to relaunch it. When we first put it out we pressed 1000 copies on black vinyl, but they sold out in a matter of weeks. On September 14 we’ll issue two vinyl configurations, both very limited: 300 copies on red vinyl and 500 picture discs. A fresh pressing of CDs will accompany the other formats. 

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