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If I Am Misery Then Give Me Affection

Robb, Emily

If I Am Misery Then Give Me Affection

Petty Bunco
LP $27.00


PB 017 

MP3 $7.99

10/13/2023 795154144228 

PB 017 

FLAC $8.99

10/13/2023 795154144228 

PB 017 

The fantastic new album from tireless seeker Emily Robb. It’s a no-frills, high-minded celebration of guitar and sound and tone and string and amp and adventure committed to tape at Emily’s own Suddenly Studio in Philadelphia in fits and spurts stretching over 2022/23. These are economical tunes of utter trance and tightrope pulsations, with a fearless spirit and a devotion to energy and personality that digs into previously untapped mines. With zero fuss and pomp, If I Am Misery Then Give Me Affection builds a wholly new palette of expression, and Emily follows her Les Paul like it’s a divining rod. It’s anyone’s guess where it points next, but we’re all fortunate enough to be invited along for the ride.


  1. #1 Hermit's Cave

  2. #2 A Kiss

  3. #3 Dispenser

  4. #4 Slowing Singing Bathing Shaving

  5. #5 There It Goes Again

  6. #6 Bells

  7. #7 Solo In A

  8. #8 First Grow A Gold Plant

  9. #9 Rolling Electric Ball