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Purple On Purple Makes Purple

Sad Horse

Purple On Purple Makes Purple

Water Wing
LP $12.25


WW 06 

***Like twins who share a secret game of their own invention, GEOFF SOULE and ELIZABETH VENABLE have in SAD HORSE a band that operates by its own gleeful logic. Hearing these songs, you can tell there are rules keeping all of the clockwork pieces moving together but they are elusive to anyone except the two of them. From the simple set-up of guitar, drums and two voices Sad Horse spin a maniacal whirlwind, shooting off songs that twist and turn and seem on the verge of shaking to pieces before suddenly careening into a great big chorus or hooky riff. It's an exhilarating blur at first but as soon as your ears adjust it becomes clear that at heart the record is a collection of strange and wonderful pop songs. Purple On Purple Makes Purple is the debut LP of this Portland, OR duo, displaying 14 top-notch songs at 45rpm, and their return to vinyl after a beloved 7-inch on Mississippi Records. Geoff and Elizabeth have both contributed musicianship to Tara Jane O'Neil (K Records) and Naysayer (Carrot Top). Geoff was also a founding member of the San Francisco outfit, FUCK (Matador, Smells Like Records). Sad Horse has shared the stage with the likes of Trumans Water, Jackie-O-Motherfucker, The Whines, The Sea and Cake and Eat Skull and recently completed a tour of Japan and Korea.

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