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LP $19.95



***In service to the deities of ancient Etruria, Nuclear War Now! hereby summons the first complete work of SANGUE, Culś. Although the band first officially revealed itself only two years ago, Sangue draws its lifeblood from the Etruscan forefathers that inhabited its homeland of current-day Italy approximately three millennia ago. By extension, Sangue’s aural manifestations of pagan darkness pay homage to the ancient rites of a civilization whose denizens sought the favor of gods who wreaked havoc by meddling in earthly affairs. Thus, it is only fitting that this cult’s creations resemble a maelstrom of death that threatens those who bear witness. With its 2017 self-titled EP, Sangue unfurled its first two hymns as a sampling of what was to come on this album. One of these tracks, “The Rite of Cosmic Void,” has been re-recorded for inclusion on this full-length. This latter version demonstrates the most significant improvement over the earlier EP, a recording already quite solid itself, in that it is enhanced by a quality of production that is better suited to this style of death metal. The album’s production is much more voluminous and cavernous, and it thereby evokes an increased sense of bleak grandeur.

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