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LP $15.50


MC 102 

***THE SAVAGED AMUSED are a hard band to nail down. In their brief 8 month existence in 1985 they crafted a sound that is unlike anything else that I have ever heard. The 22 song demo reissued on this LP would seem to meld equal parts of the expected ‘80s Midwestern American Hardcore but sets it against the non-stop guitar frenzy of contemporary Japanese bands, or are they Robert Fripp solos played at breakneck speed? It’s hard to tell and is far stranger than that. With vocals in the vein of Naked Raygun’s earlier records and the non-stop solos of Randy Uchida, this is a sound that stands apart from other recordings of the era. You really need to hear it to start to understand it. Comprised of two brothers JOHN and JOE BENDIK, who would switch between guitar and drums, front man BILL MORRIS, who cut an intimidating figure on stage and bassist ALAN PETERS who went on to be in AGNOSTIC FRONT and helped found ABSOLUTION, this is a band that came and went fast, but left an amazing recording behind. Limited to 1,000 copies this remastered LP includes a fanzine style insert with lots of photos and flyers and folds out into a 35x22 inch poster. Includes a download card which gives a full version of the album as well as their complete set from their show opening for Agnostic Front in 1985.

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