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The Hill
7" $6.00


DC 531 

***BOOM! Like an echo from a desperate, war-torn future, TY SEGALL’s latest cry of love crashes the party and detonates without warning on the drink-soaked dance floor. Female voices ricochet, deadpanning from ear to ear. Fuzzy thunders reels on high, thudding slam into your life-chest and rolling out the door. Like a quicksilver wire at the center, Ty’s voice seethes you as the unseen craft whirls closer. These are the bongbursts of tomorrow, flown into our so-called “today” (for what is “time”?) as a global warning. Your mission, before it is too late. ”The Hill” is the first single from Ty Segall’s TWINS, cracking the window of your future in October 2012 — and all futures beyond. “Mother Lemonade” is a fun-ish, sunish flip-side anthem specific to this single, meant to be collected and cherished in your personal time-capsule. Do it now! And forever. (STREET DATE - 9/04/2012)