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Labor Of Love
LP $14.00


NNF 178 

MP3 $9.90



***Still waters run deep but wild waters run deeper. Both when fronting San Fran free-punk body-music trio MI AMI or performing angst-dance psycho-dramas under his solo alias, SEX WORKER, DANIEL MARTIN-MCCORMICK always succeeds in generating total motion (and emotion) and breaking the fourth wall. His vision of tranced/anguished rhythm questing hits an apex on The Labor Of Love, his LP debut under the Sex Worker guise. Pulsing, lo-fi kraut electronics bubble and sputter under hazy arcs of weirdo vocal smear. Escapist disco drum machines cruise into the horizon under a canopy of dubby accents and FX percussion, sometimes peaking in harsh frenzies of echo-scream meltdowns. All three pieces function as anthems or elegies or protest songs articulating Daniel’s heavy anti-sex trafficking/enslaved bodies activist agenda, but you don’t have to know the depths of the ethical framework to grasp the vibe. An intensely unique and hyper-personal statement from one of NNF’s favorite West Coast music-dreamers. Black vinyl LPs in jackets designed by the artist. Edition of 450.


  1. #1 PTSD


  2. #2 Without You Couldnt Be Alone


  3. #3 No More


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