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El Templo
CD $11.00



***The document you hold in your hands is a very special and beautiful document and for many reasons. There is a balance, an equilibrium to this trio that comes from an honesty of intent and from all 3 members being truly in the moment. This is something that can not be faked or if there is a small bit of excess it would show. But here all 3 members of the trio have an intrinsic sense of trio as a whole and that allows them to find their own space —keep true to their own space but allow the trio as an organism to unfold in natural counterpoint in a well paced-relaxed way which elevates the vast tonal elements of all the instruments to contribute to a sound garden that is clear and inviting. There is zero pretense in this music—all 3 members operate on a level of musical honesty that is really refreshing—no one is trying to prove anything and there is zero academic calculation here—just a reverence for the act of music making.