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Self Medication
LP+7 $26.95

10/20/2023 810096653932 


***Over 30+ years, The Slackers have remained one of the most prolific musical combos in the game. In the course of drawing from a seemingly endless well of songwriting creativity, the band has released music on some of the biggest labels in independent music, as well as on much smaller boutique ska & reggae labels across the entire world, including NYC’s Special Potato, which has served as home to many of the band’s home-brew releases over the decades. 2008’s Self Medication LP was one of the latter releases, initially released on CD through Indication Records, and a single pressing on black vinyl from Special Potato/Indication. The record has been out of print for the ensuing 15 years and a tragically overlooked chapter in the band’s history. The sound of this record, then, is that of a band who have the talent and the confidence to chart their course, experimenting with a diverse sonic palette including elements of ska, reggae, swing, rock, and a lot of psychedelia, that nevertheless feels distinctly and unmistakably like them. And, of course, the band’s combination of earnest humanity and wry humor shines through in the lyrics, right from the opening line, “Every day is Sunday when you’re unemployed...” Indeed, this is the sound of The Slackers as dictated by The Slackers. Includes a bonus 7-inch of unreleased material.