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Fell & Found
LP $16.00

05/17/2011 633757029118 


CD $13.00

05/03/2011 633757029125 


***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! Eleven new songs, produced by J ROBBINS! This is SMALL BROWN BIKE's first full-length featuring the four original members since Our Own Wars, released in 1999 by No Idea Records. "Over the past few years, it seems as if every post-hardcore/emo act from the '90s have gotten back together for one more go 'round—hell, Braid are about to reunite for the second time, marking another full cycle in the reunion show. However, when these bands actually get back into the studio, the results have been uneven at best. These factors make Small Brown Bike’s first full-length since 2003's The River Bed all the more impressive. Instead of the band members trying to re-create what they were doing in their twenties, songs like ‘In Need Of Everything’ and ‘Just Bones’ retain SBB's signature sound but place it in a fresh new context. Credit is also due to producer J Robbins, who brings out the band's melodic underpinnings on songs like "Sleep River Sleep", a trait that sometimes got lost beneath layers of distortion in the past. ‘Small steps will lead you to bigger things we cannot see,’ MIKE REED sings on ‘A Minor Movement.’ Let's hope that Fell & Found proves Small Brown Bike’s reunion journey is just getting started."—Alternative Press