Isengrind / Twinsistermoon / Natural Snow Buildings Snowbringer Cult


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Label # BING 083UPC 600197008324
Street DateMarch 19th, 2013
Label # UPC 600197008324
Street DateMarch 19th, 2013
Label # UPC 600197008324
Street DateMarch 19th, 2013

Following up on 2012’s fearsome four-LP box set Night Coercion into the Company of Witches, Ba Da Bing presents the second large-scale reissue of another obscurity from French duo Natural Snow Building’s past. Originally released on double-CD by the amazing Students of Decay in 2008, The Snowbringer Cult is a grandiose quadruple-album that combines Mehdi Ameziane’s and Solange Gularte’s solo projects, TwinSisterMoon and Isengrind, on disc one and their collaboration as Natural Snow Buildings on disc two. Ba Da Bing is reissuing the original double-CD, along with vinyl versions for each of the three releases, all with interconnecting artwork.

Gularte’s Isengrind centers on hypnotic soundscapes, floating woodwinds and chanted dirges. The airy sounds intermix and collide, sometimes building ominously, sometimes crashing together. It sounds gloriously like an imagined soundtrack to a banned ’70s Italian horror film.

Ameziane’s TwinSisterMoon showcases the folk end of his sound. Often graced with his soft countertenor voice, the songs are like a sweet respite amidst the menace of minor keys. Delicate acoustic guitar passages break for shifting drones before leading to ornate instrumentals.

The Natural Snow Buildings material on the second disc brings about an alternately luminous and perilous finish to the journey. Here, The Snowbringer Cult reaches climactic points of intensity, following all the tension from disc one with grand payoffs. 

In all, this expansive work presents the most varied and nuanced sense of what fills the Natural Snow Buildings cosmos, and is one of the greatest projects by an experimental band in recent years.


  1. #1 From Icy Lands
  2. #2 To Ride with Hölle
  3. #3 Skull Ornaments
  4. #4 His Winterbed
  5. #5 Cat's Cradle
  6. #6 Wooden False Face
  7. #7 Sun Disk Wand
  8. #8 Anima Sola
  9. #9 Amantsokan
  10. #10 The Spears of the Wolf
  11. #11 Order of the Dreamt
  12. #12 Spells
  13. #13 Water Barrier
  14. #14 Bones Memories
  15. #15 Kingdom of the Sea
  16. #16 Understars
  17. #17 Resurrect Dead on Planet Six
  18. #18 Bear Hunting
  19. #19 Ongon's Rattle
  20. #20 Inuk's Song
  21. #21 Snowbringer Cult
  22. #22 Nieve Sacra
  23. #23 Gone
  24. #24 Salt Signs
  25. #25 The Desert Has Eyes
  26. #26 They Do Not Come Knocking There Anymore
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