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Zero Real Hearts


Zero Real Hearts

1-2-3-4 Go!
LP $9.75



***“Samiam, Crimpshrine and Rancid. Remember that time you couldn't go wrong with any of those? It's been awhile. SNUGGLE sounds a bit like if you took the first few records of all of those bands, artfully smashed them to pieces and even more artfully reassembled them in to one giant record and updated it so it wasn't a boring throwback or some inept aping. Snuggle embody what I love about gritty pop punk and the city they hail from, Seattle. It's got the gloom and the get up and go that comes from the heart and not some calculated manipulation. For fans of Off With Their Heads, Crimpshrine, Samiam, Bent Outta Shape, Rancid. On tour through the month of November in the US!”

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