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Talking Acid
7" $7.25


CL 27 

***Acid House has proven itself to be resilient to the tides of trendiness. It’s a fixed point of reference in the constantly-evolving spaces of underground dance music. SOLENOI (aka DAVID CHANDLER, aka DJ BROKENWINDOW) offers this sly innovation to the genre: transforming the classic squelch of the TB-303 Bassline generator—the iconic little silver monster that birthed the genre—into a squirming, animalian, almost human-like electronic voice. The experiment originates in a scrapped circuit, found in an abandoned rack of vintage audio electronics. Having successfully revived it (but repackaged into a cigar box, with acorns for knobs!), Solenoid discovered that its filtering effect was strangely well-suited to mutation of the Acid sound. “Talking Acid” was born and is offered to you here as two razor-sharp acid mixes on real 7” wax.