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Punters On A Barge

Spray Paint

Punters On A Barge

LP $23.95

06/02/2015 9342478005530 


***Extracting themselves from the dumpsters of Austin, Texas to create their “paranoid art punk”, No Wave sound—SPRAY PAINT once again present the atonal throb “post-punk workouts” they do so well, this time with some kraut drum beats thrown in for good measure. With two albums on S-S Records in 2013 and Clean Blood, Regular Acid released Oct ’14, all of which appeared regularly on end-of-year lists—Spray Paint’s fourth album, Punters On a Barge, is released on Homeless. Touring the USA with Parquet Courts and Protomartyr and frequent tours of the States that have included two invitations to play Gonerfest (Memphis), plus the annual SXSW gathering in home town of Austin, TX. The band also toured Europe Novemember 2014 and will play Japan/Australia June 2015, see them before the inevitable big time hits. 
"If Spray Paint's skull-ringing single 'Day of the Rope' wasn't enough to give you a damn-near stroke, their latest full-length LP Punters On a Barge will bash your head into oblivion. The Austin, Texas trio jack-hammers their way from militant post-punk to industrial noise with clanging guitars and droned-out vocals that could very well summon the robot apocalypse. Be still my cyborg heart."—Noisey 
“…the trio’s frantic rants glisten with sweat generated by decades of post-punk workouts. That sweat also pushes them beyond mimicry. The exhilarating execution of their taut-yet-rubbery songs puts Spray Paint’s music squarely in the present tense.” – Pitchfork