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The Echoing Shell
LP $21.25

05/20/2022 7814484084914 

DC 849 

***With their duo debut, DEAN SPUNT (NO AGE) and JOHN WIESE (SISSY SPACEK) invite you to experience the frenzy of percussive space and discreet sound found inside The Echoing Shell. This is the first official collaboration between the two veteran mu-sic-makers, though their connection goes back to 1999. The Echoing Shell is born of Dean and John’s shared understanding, using John’s process common to Sissy Spacek: elaborate sound-collage works using source material originating from punk, hardcore and improvised music. A series of impositions, tape manipulation and edits recompose the material, cracking open the crust of the source, freeing its implied guts to steam forth in gushes of extreme noise. On The Echoing Shell, this is as often noise as it is ex- treme intimacy, seeming at times to be sourced from within Dean’s drumkit, at other times appearing to emanate from the capsules of microphones and the circuits of the signal path itself. One may read these collaged sounds as abstraction, but there is a unique language conveyed in their assembly, forming something like word-shapes and meaning. And intention: the two side-long pieces, comprised of many short sections, form a linear whole, creating alternately ripping and discriminating music—and meaning—in the process.

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