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LP $14.75


DA 214 

Daft Alliance is proud to announce the first proper release of Curse of the Birthmark’s 18 yr old self titled debut. This album, never “officially” released till now, was Curse of the Birthmark’s first recording that they gave away and sold in CDR format. Everything was homemade - from the recording in the practice space and house bathroom, to duplicating the cdrs and silkscreening the cobblestone tile cover directly onto jewel cases that revealed the band name letters on the insert in the unpainted tiles. The production and layout have been enhanced by Daft Alliance while remaining true to the original sound and vision, and includes a not-so-hidden bonus track- "alibis." Unleashing nine furious, untamed songs — new classics all — in a little under 20 minutes, Curse of the Birthmark is an ear-scorching gift to the listener. Curse of the Birthmark performed nationally in the early-to-mid ‘00s. In 2005 Keyboard player Eric Hunt was replaced by Weasel Walter. Eric Park and Simon Phillips went on to form Fuckwolf who are currently working on material for a new record. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a limited edition of 500.   “One of the best grimy alienating secret gems of San Francisco music, Curse of the Birthmark is finally getting a proper release, and on a great label to boot. Fantastic, bombastic and repulsive, live in the mid-aughts — a broken amp, the cheapest keyboard and a kit that only a mother could love have produced one of the most egregious freak noise dance grooves ever cut into plastic. Not for the faint of heart. For fans of Arab on Radar, Throbbing Gristle, Skin Graft, SIGHTINGS, Scissor Girls and uncombed mayhem everywhere — a perfect soundtrack for a wretched year.”—John Dwyer (Oh Sees)

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