Ex-cult S/t


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Label # 88 GONE LPUPC 600385229517
Street DateDecember 18th, 2012
Label # 88 GONE CDUPC 600385229524
Street DateNovember 13th, 2012
Label # UPC 600385229524
Street DateNovember 13th, 2012

Hey bro, check it out: In Memphis in early 2011, five people joined forces to start a punk rock band. They each came from different scenes—hardcore, psychedelic, and various flavors of indie pop. Things gelled. I mean, really came together, man! Following the release of two killer singles under the name Sex Cult, they were faced with a lawsuit from a similarly named and very aggressive techno label in New York City. So Sex Cult became Ex-Cult.  Playing a series of house parties and gigs in dive bars, Ex-Cult honed their sound—a punk rock sweet spot that incorporates angular post-punk, flying saucer fuzz guitar, snotty vocals and bash-your-head-in energy. A real stone groove! Killer linear punk à la Wire, Urinals, Australia’s X or something, man!  A show at SXSW caught the attention of indie wonderkind Ty Segall, and the two began making plans to record in San Francisco. This is the end result—a debut album that takes the living energy of their show and crams it onto the grooves of an LP. Wild, man! Wild!


  1. #1 Knives on Both Sides
  2. #2 Don't Feel Anything
  3. #3 M.P.D.
  4. #4 Day to Day
  5. #5 Shade of Red
  6. #6 On Film
  7. #7 Young Trash
  8. #8 Shot the Beehive
  9. #9 Post Graduate
  10. #10 Better Life Through Chemistry
  11. #11 Cemetery Secretary
  12. #12 Future Victims
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