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CD $5.40

06/21/2011 812616022556 

UFO 002 CD 

“THE HARD PONYS are a rock band from San Francisco. The music they make isn't freak-folk, noise-core or post……anything. It sure isn't art damaged. The melodies aren't sunny, sun-soaked or sun-dappled. Their debut album sounds nothing like three mystic shaman roasting marshmallows in a snowstorm, and they know it. These guys have thought long and hard to come up with a name for what they do, and what they finally came up with is...Rock 'n' Roll. The kids are gonna love it, Daddyo—it's the latest. Trust us. They've taken the proto-punk swagger of bands like the Ramones and the New York Dolls and married it at gunpoint to everything punk was supposed to destroy: Arena Rock, Heavy Metal, Easy Listening and, yup, straight-up Butt Rock as epitomized by the likes of Guns 'n' Roses and Skid Row. Feel violated yet? Co-opted, even? On the bright side, they're not trying to sell you a car. Yet. Just think of it like the time Professor X and his arch-rival, Magneto, merged into one being to form Onslaught... On second thought, forget that.” Features former members of FLASH BASTARD, THE DEL BOMBERS, STAGGER & FALL and RADIOSTAR SF.

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