Mrs Magician Strange Heaven


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Label # SWA 141CDUPC 655035214122
Street DateApril 17th, 2012
Label # SWA 141UPC 655035214115
Street DateMay 15th, 2012
Label # UPC 655035214122
Street DateApril 17th, 2012

BACK IN PRINT!!! Mrs. Magician hails from the pilings of various San Diego piers. Like those pilings, their sound is encrusted with salty hooks and drenched in waves of reverb. Strange Heaven is the band’s first LP and magnifies the cacophonous lullabies of their four previous singles. The record is for connoisseurs of fuzz, distortion, echo and reverb who prefer their noise to be tempered liberally with minor-key, bubblegum and sometimes haunting melody. These hoodads’ pop songs are massive and exude a beach-shack, bummer-of-the-summer posture. Strange Heaven was produced by John Reis (of Hot Snakes, Rocket from the Crypt, Night Marchers and Drive Like Jehu) in the way of the old masters in order to achieve a more musical hiss and crackle. The result is a timely and timeless artifact. Mrs. Magician plays the US with Hot Snakes in March and with Cults in March, April and May.


  1. #1 Nightlife
  2. #2 There Is No God
  3. #3 Don't Flatter Yourself
  4. #4 The Spells
  5. #5 Actual Pain
  6. #6 Heaven
  7. #7 True Blues
  8. #8 Prescription Vision
  9. #9 I'm Gonna Hangout With The Lesbians Next Door & Drop Acid
  10. #10 Hours Of The Night
  11. #11 Dead 80's
  12. #12 Videodrome
  13. #13 You Can't Be My Man
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