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Archer And The Owle


Archer And The Owle

Robotic Empire
12" $16.00

08/02/2011 616892167365 

ROBO 080 

Recorded throughout the turn of the decade, The Archer and the Owle’s triumphant, doom-laden sludge fury unfolds over the course of six massive tracks. Atypical heaviness to say the least, Thou’s ultra-crushing sound is enhanced by unique and subtle elements: piano, atmospheric noise, horns, double bass and several re-envisioned cover songs for keen ears to decipher. 
Along with unreleased Summit-era material, this release contains the band’s original half of the now-postponed split release with Pygmy Lush, which oddly inspired Thou to cover two tracks from their collaborators’ latest work. The Archer and the Owle comes on colored vinyl housed in a beautiful, spot-glossed, tip-on-style gatefold jacket. Yet another brick in Thou’s ever-strengthening wall of spite and menace.

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