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Rebels Of Babylon

Time Flys

Rebels Of Babylon

LP $9.25

02/13/2007 607287009414 

BMR 094LP 

CD $13.00

02/13/2007 607287009421 

BMR 094CD 

Oakland, California's enfant-terribles The Time Flys are back with another blast of rock'n'roll rebellion. Performing at the pinnacle of their powers, these guys (and gal) pick up right where their debut, Fly, left off. Together, Sir Eric "The Masher" Von Ravenson, Andy Freeze (aka Andy Jordan of The Cuts), Erin Error and Peter P. Juvenile seamlessly fuse mid '70s glam, late '70s proto-punk, and even later '70s Killed By Death-style punk to create music that, in these stale times, sounds remarkably fresh. The combination of guitar, bass, drums and attitude hasn't sounded this great since the heyday of Sire Records. 
Time Flys don't simply rummage the back catalogs of the Velvets or the Voidoids; they dig deep, touching on groups like DMZ, The Real Kids, The Huns and AK-4. Unlike the kid who threw his watch out the window, the Time Flys don't dumb it down like so many balls-out punk retards -- the riffs on Rebels Of Babylon may be tough, but they're also fairly complex. In fact, The Time Flys might be the only group playing original recipe punk at this level in 2007. Doubting thomases who scoff at moderne punk groups might be surprised to discover how much they dig this.