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Rumble Stilts Skin
LP $13.50



***“Finally! A full-length assault from these long-reigning Ohio boot brutes! These hard ass bards march directly over your useless face like a ruthless display of Cold War era Soviet military combined with the grace of Liberace's Chauffeur. The Black Sabbath cover song that closes out this album is so perfect that it could have been detrimental to the rest of the album if the rest of the album wasn't so damn good. The original tunes hold up as strong as a Kenta Kobayashi knee to the teeth. You won't be going to sleep to this fucking racket. In fact, you'll be eating your 
meals through a straw after the first skull stomping song and experiencing multiple devastating concussions by the time you reach the second side. The recording is perfect. TOUGHSKINS do not fuck around. These tracks are tight and heavy but also catchy as fuck. JIMMY MUSTANG barks out the Oi like no other man can while guitarist MARCO POGO and the rest of the fearsome fellas crank out big bulldozer riffs that will rob you of your sleep and break all your pencil-thin neck bones. Shave your head, shave your balls and shove a forty ounce bottle of malt liquor up your dad's ass. Fucking ace job, you beautiful boot boy toys! Toughest possible recommendation.”—Vlad Trollpecker

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