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LP $14.75


LUNGS 024 

***It's hard to believe that TRUE RADICAL MIRACLE has been largely ignored outside of Australia until now. Maybe it's because Cockroaches was only available on CD in Australia back in 2006. Maybe it's because the world wasn't quite ready for the cruel haunted ugliness that makes them a staple in the Aussie noise rock scene. Cockroaches reflects on The Bad Seeds and Filth/Cop-era Swans but takes it's primitive nature to new level by smashing the mirror and hacking those bands to chunks with the shards. It's spent 5 years in the shadows of the outback but now it's time for the world to experience this madness. Let the cockroaches crawl all over you. Only 500 copies will be made. Full color, heavy duty everything. Black vinyl. Includes a download.

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