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One Night At The Raw Deal

Twisted Wires

One Night At The Raw Deal

Italians Do It Better
12" $14.25



MP3 $2.97


IDIB 015 

***BACK IN PRINT!!! Note new price.
“It's Miami. It's night. You're in a convertible and maybe... Bette Midler is there? If that's the case (in your brain if not in reality), you might very well be listening to TWISTED WIRES’ soon-to-be released single ‘One Night at the Raw Deal’ (Italians Do It Better)—a brooding, belligerent, open-top, ocean-drive, wind-in-your-hair eighties disco theme. So eighties, in fact, you keep expecting Governor Arnie himself to appear outside the window and start flexing his republican biceps in time with the kick drum. And that kind of expectation is a hell of a lot more fun that it may sound, weirdly. Described elsewhere as crafting ‘a perfect storm of dark synths and disco beats, transporting the listener to some dystopian future where every dance floor is a crime scene', Twisted Wires' cosmic mash-up of early Germanic techno (think Terminator or Grand Theft Auto soundtrack), Bobby Caldwell and Bowie sounds dangerous in a cheeeeeeeeesy way. Maybe a bit dark for Bette Midler, so you might have to drop her home and pick up a couple of call girls.”—


  1. #1 One Night At The Raw Deal (Vocal)


  2. #2 One Night At The Raw Deal (Instrumental)


  3. #3 One Night At The Raw Deal (Guitar & Vocal)