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Blunt Instrumental Ep


Blunt Instrumental Ep

Night People
12" $14.75


NP 080 

***TYVEK don't need much introduction, Detroit area art punk garage rockers, who have a bunch of killer prior material on labels like Siltbreeze, Subpop, M'Ladys, X, Whats Your Rupture etc. Absolutely killer stuff here on this deluxe arted-out vinyl reissue of a limited tour cassette. Blunt Instrumental isn't all instrumental, but there is a focus on letting the rhythms and noise play out a bit. What’s interesting is that while the sound and instrumentation jam out a bit more, it feels even more raw and stripped down then the recent full-length LP. A sort of step forward into a more groove-oriented, noisy jammy territory while simultaneously returning to the sound of the early singles. A real raw art punk feel like early Swell Maps or The Fall etc. One of the great bands of these times.