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Temporary Mutilation

Useless Eaters

Temporary Mutilation

10" $15.50

02/19/2016 889211761104 


***Welcome to the latest USELESS EATERS installment in the Slovenly Recordings repertoire. Following the unrestrained pummel of 2014’s Desperate Living 7inch, and the strange cohesiveness of their Singles: 2011-2014 collection, we present you with this stark and weird new Temporary Mutilation five track 10-inch EP. Featuring the instrumental prowess of drummer MILES LUTTRELL from future Slovenly legends SCRAPER, BRENDAN HAGARTY on bass, and recorded by KELLEY STOLTZ and mastered by MIKEY YOUNG, this release especially exemplifies singer / guitarist / leader SETH SUTTON's growth as a sonic craftsman—less concerned with “punk” as a sound while inevitably remaining PUNK, devoting himself to the development of unique noise. The title track’s skeletal arrangement and oddball meter has been embellished with haunting vibrations via phones of the saxo and xylo variety, electronic rhythmic units have been employed in “Poison Dart”, and the entirety of the EP bleeds with Sutton’s trademark horrific sci-fi imagery and aggressive riffs and delivery. Large hole 10-inch pressing. (STREET DATE - 2/0/5/2016)