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LP $19.25

06/09/2015 819162018149 

MR 046 

***Medical Records is very pleased to present the debut album by U/V LIGHT. U/V Light sounds 
more than a bit like Cloudland Canyon at times. This is because it is the first “solo,” effort from KIP UHLORN of CC. Kip played, sang on, engineered, mixed, and collaborated with GABBY WEISS on this new recording. Eschewing standard German comparisons that CC usually receives, U/V Light often sounds like either early electro or dance-pop but without the typical blueprint so commonly replicated these days. Kip’s rockist tendencies make this recording more interesting and fresher than those usual reference points. However, after Gabby’s vocals kick in, some of the band’s influences can be discerned such as Desire, or Uffie fuzed with Sylvester, Bobby O, Jonzun Crew, Space “Magic Fly”, etc. One could also draw some comparisons to Primal Scream’s “Screamadelica,” Seefeel, or Craig Leon at times. Despite hints at motorik tempos and/or beats., U/V Light is more of a pop affair. It is also not a simple continuation of Cloudland Canyon. Dance-pop seems the clearest reference point here, but Cenotaph does not have a standard dance beat feel. Recorded quickly, the record has a consistent sonic approach 
that makes individual tracks sound like a suite of songs. Presented on high-quality 180-gram heavyweight colored vinyl.